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Nigel Fleming Garage Door Maintenance and Repairs is based on the Gold Coast in Queensland and has many years experience with the repair and maintenance of garage doors, garage door
motors .

We can also provide most remotes and automatic openers for all garage doors, garage door motors .
Nigel Fleming has been providing garage door maintenance and repairs for over nineteen years and is a local family owned business based on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Nigel has extensive knowledge in his chosen field and prides himself on professionally providing a fast reliable garage door repair service for his clients. We have been providing the central Gold Coast with reliable, affordable garage door repair and maintenance since 1999.

We are fully insured.

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Maintenance of the garage door is recommended annually. Most homeowners simply take them for granted until they break down.

Few components of any given house are expected to do so much so often and yet get so little recognition for the important role they play in household operations as the springs on your garage door.

Accurate spring tension is critical to efficient running of the door. When regular maintenance checks are carried out the spring tension is checked and adjusted accordingly.

This should only be carried out by a trained garage door technician. 
No-one likes to be stuck outside the garage on a rainy day with a garage door that won’t function.

To book your garage door maintenance inspection call us on 55268752 .

For convenience of using a reliable garage door, regular maintenance of the door and springs is recommended. Nigel Fleming Garage Door Repairs can keep an eye on your door and do the simple tasks required to keep it in prime condition for as long as possible. We can then alert you that it’s time to think about replacement, before the spring or springs fail.

Long term neglect of the spring will shorten its lifespan significantly. It will also make it more likely that you’ll learn your spring has had enough when it snaps and your door comes crashing down to earth. That is no way to discover your door needs attention. Keep your garage doors operating the way they were meant to with annual garage door service from Nigel Fleming Garage Door Repairs.

To schedule annual garage door maintenance don’t delay and call Nigel Fleming Garage Door Repairs on 55268752 now.  


Automatic operators make coming and going from your home a breeze but do need maintenance regularly to ensure they are working efficiently.

A number of elements can be checked at a regular service of your door and operator to ensure problems can be prevented.

Our preferred auto operator is ATA when a new operator is required but we have extensive knowledge of a wide range of other brands that may need service or repair.

We supply operators for most of the different models of rollerdoors, panel doors and tilt-a-doors.

To book your garage door maintenance inspection or a new garage doo remote, call us on 55268752 .


Garage door hinges are attached to inside of the panel garage door keeping each of the panels together. They may be steel or plastic. Some are wheel hinges and these hinges house the wheels that run in the tracks to make the door run smoothly. Wheel hinges are numbered individually 1 2 3 and 4 to suit the position on each individual panel.

Hinges can crack and break causing the door panels to not line up correctly when closing and opening. Hinges need regular lubrication to reduce noise and keep the panel door running smoothly.

Ccontact us for more information on the correct lubrication product as some on the market are not suited to garage doors and may even cause problems.
  Please call us on 55268752 to arrange a service inspection of your garage door hinges


Your garage door remote is a the hand held transmitter that you use to operate your door. The garage door will not operate if the battery has failed. Like all battery operated devices, from time to time the batteries need replacing. Remotes are often placed on a keyring with our car and household keys and can sometimes may be requiring replacement if the remote becomes faulty from accidental misuse. We can supply most remotes for doors and gates. Sometimes the remotes are unavailable due to age of the operator and a new receiver may be required in order to supply new remotes.

GARAGE DOOR CABLES ( Overhead Sectional Panel Garage Door )

Lifting cables are located on each side of the panelift garage door. It is the wire rope that assists the door to open. Lifting cables may from time to time fray, become dislodged and even break. It is not recommended to try and use the door when the cables are frayed or broken. The garage door may become uneven and become jammed. The garage door should not be used until the cables are re-fitted or replaced.

Nigel Fleming Garage Door Repairs can be contacted on 0755268752 for cable replacement.

Lifting cables are an important component of the panelift garage door as they are attached to the torsion bar which in under extreme spring tension to counterbalance the weight of the garage door. Lifting cables should be regularly checked for fraying and rusting. Regular maintenance of the garage door is recommened to ensure reliable and safe usage of your door.

GARAGE DOOR SPRINGS ( Overhead Sectional Panel Garage Door )

The torsion spring is positioned over the closed panel garage door parallel to it.

Torsion springs should never be worked on for any reason by the untrained. The amount of energy they store is incredible and people have been injured and even died being too close to one when it snaps. The average residential panel garage door weighs around 100kg. Even with all this weight the door moves smoothly up and down on the tracks because of the energy stored in and slowly released by the torsion springs. Don’t wait for your garage door springs to snap and injure someone or damage your car.

The springs are an integral part of your garage door and play a major role in the operation of the door. If your automatic door opener fails and is disengaged from the door the door may still be used as the springs are doing all the lifting. If a spring is broken the door, in most cases, will not be able to open.

Usually if a spring breaks the door cannot be operated by the automatic opener due to the weight of the door. Occasionally a door with a broken spring is still operational and the customer may be oblivious of a broken spring. Unfortunately this added weight is straining the automatic opener motor and can cause opener problems.
If the door is lifted with a broken spring, keeping in mind the heavy weight of the garage door, it is possible the lifting cables running down each side of the door may dislodge or even snap. In this case the door would end up at an extreme angle. Now the lifting cables and the springs would need replacing.

It is tempting to try to open the door to free the cars trapped in the garage but it is best to leave the door closed until the springs are replaced.
We recommend the door is not used until we can get there for the replacement.

You can call Nigel Fleming Garage Door Repairs on 07 55268752 for service and maintenance of your panel garage door and springs.